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Nigeria clothing styles

Nigeria clothing styles : The Evolution of Nigerian Fashion Since Independence:


It's right about time to write about resolutions. As humans, we are often buffeted with the vicissitudes of our terrestrial existence and confronted with the uncertainties of a revolving planet. It therefore behoves everyone to direct the ship of his soul driven by fierce winds with this "very small helm" - RESOLUTIONS! I believe that it's in our moments of resolution (decision) that our destinies are shaped. It's our decisions, not the conditions of our lives that shape our destiny. Benjamin Disraeli said "Man is not the creature of circumstances; circumstances are the creatures of men".   Among the assets endowed upon us by our Creator for success, the human Will remains preeminent. It affords us the power to shape our own destiny and to choose our future history. We are therefore assured of our destination when we Walk With Will (www).  In the pursuit of our deepest destiny and in our search for refinements, we've made acquaintances. Knowing well that life is an interdependent reality, that we are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, it is therefore pertinent that we engage other minds in that which we have resolved to do. Napoleon Hill calls it the Mastermind -- it is the Conglomeration Of Minds (com). If the conglomeration of minds shall agree on anything (goal) under heaven, it shall be established.   Herein is my abridged formula for success --- . Work with will towards your goal with a conglomeration of minds!  

Nature is Speaking

 Do you know about the Chinese bamboo tree? Plant its seed in the ground. When you'll go to see if it has grown, you'll see nothing, except a tiny shoot sprouting from the bulb.

Wretched of the Earth!

“…your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to stay fulfilled is to LOVE what you do…” This was part of a phone conversation I had recently with a man I hardly know. I happened to stumble across an article on “Constitution Making and the Struggle for Resource Control in Nigeria” and I decided to contact the writer out of curiosity, after knowing he was a Pharmacist. Surprisingly, he gave me a call. His words had a striking semblance to what I had ‘heard’ from Steve Jobs in his commencement address to Stanford graduands in 2005, and this triggered my philosophical mind, a corollary of thoughts filtered through my head and simmered within my cerebrum, as I began to investigate this reality called LOVE. As I pondered, I remembered the statement – “there is only one happiness in this world, to love and be loved”. “Is this really true”? I asked myself. Does this really apply? How encompassing is this aphorism? Who or what are we to love? And what’s its impact on our sentient being?


You definitely would have heard of the maxim “no man is an island of his own" - how true this is! This underscores the need for everyone to form meaningful relationships that will further our cause in life - this is inevitable. There are different kinds of relationships and for different purposes but one common factor in every real relationship is mutual benefit (a friend in need is a friend indeed). However, there's one relationship that stands above all others - the one that furnishes our need to be loved and respected; it also satisfies our need to be heard, understood, appreciated & secure. This kind is quite rare!

National assembly and the grazing bill

One of the burning issues threatening the unity of the country is the current incessant clash between the Fulani herdsmen and farmers.

This monster has claimed over 1 million lives and made several Nigerians homeless with billions of properties destroyed.

From the body language of the federal government and the scanty utterances of President Buhari who incidentally is of fulani extraction and a cattle owner, the nation looks unto the national assembly who are the true representative of the people for immediate intervention as the situation seem to have over powered security agencies.

Sequel to a motion moved by Hon Mark Gbillah  titled "Influx of unidentified Fulani Herdsmen in Benue State and Consequent Threat to Life and Property of Citizens in the State" NASS instituted a joint committee to investigate the matter.

The lawmakers also intend to provide a legislative palliative and perhaps a permanent solution to end the clash. This bill which has passed second reading seeks to establish grazing routes, ranches and settlements centres for the nomads.

Lawmakers are divided along ethnic lines as some of them from the North especially those of fulani extractions are of the view that the traditional cattle rearing practice of moving from place to place is cultural and should be allowed to continue. They equally held that search for pasture and water is the another factor that make the cattle nomads move as desertification and climate change has badly affected cattle folder in the north, hence the move south wards via the middle belt.

Meanwhile, their counterparts from the south are emphatic that the region is not ready to accommodate cattle grazing root and lacks the land for the establishment of ranches. They further cited the hostilities of the herds men and their domineering attitude as a factor, maintaining that the fulani community will overrun the entire region if allowed to become legitimate cohabitors. 

However, a sizable number of northern lawmakers are very vocal about the sedentary life of the herds men insisting that creating ranches where ventinary doctors, hospitals, schools for the shepherds as well as adequate food and water for the cattle, saying that it will reduce unrest and give the herds men access to quality education.

The public hearing was an assemblage of all  stake holders like the Farmers Association of Nigeria, Miyetti Allah an umbrella for cattle farmers, Ministry of Agriculture, victims of the cattle herds men attack like the Benue community and the Ohaneze Ndigbo as well as security agencies.

Records show that Benue state was the worst hit. In his submission to the House Committee on Police Affairs, the Deputy governor of Benue State, Benson Obuono was emphatic that unless cattle rearing is looked at as a private professional business of a group of people, devoid of government involvement, the nation will continue to have problem. 

Abounu insists that cattle farmers must seek permission from land owners for a piece of land in order to create ranch and not the other way round. 

He also expressed that there seems to be a shrouded agenda which the herds men were trying to actualize with their recent conquest.

He said, "There appears to be a systematic move by a certain group of people somehow trying to annihilate the people of Benue state, take over the place and establish some kind of kingdom or some kind of rulership. What is happening in Benue state is not localized, it has taken a national dimension.  These people intend to come to Benue and because Benue is a crossing point to the eastern and southern part of this country, they want to weaken the fabrics of Benue state to the extent that when they are coming to pass, it will be easier for them. 

"There is some level of their presence in Kogi already and the way we are looking at it, it appears as if they will come into Benue, cross over, enter Kogi and from there to river niger. When they take over and they move to the south, it looks to us that something else is going to happen. 

"Something tells me that if we do not nip this one at the bud, because it is already assuming a national dimension, the catastrophy that we are going to see may even be ten times worst than what has happened with the Boko Haram" Obuono maintains. 

In the same note, the Deputy governor of Anambra State Nkem Okeke told the committee that ranch is the only solution that will eliminate the clash as herds men and their cattle will be confined to a locality where water and pasture will be made available. Making further case for his state, he said that Anambra state is poorly blessed with land and lacks the land mass to accommodate cattle ranching.

The minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbe said that the traditional system of moving cattle for vegetation and water is no longer in vogue as the cattle  produce insufficient and less quality milk and less quality meat. He stressed that such cows look ill and weak as cattle were supposed to stay in a place, eat drink sufficient water and rest.

A pan- Tiv socio-group, Mdzough U Tiv led by Engr E.I.T Ujege comprising of fourteen Local Government Councils is demanding N100 billion compensation from the Federal government as well as rehabilitate of the Tivs who had suffered physical and psychological torture from the ravaging herds men.


My heart is indicting a good matter; I'll recite my composition concerning my fatherland

Religious Opium - A Bane of Society!

“It is not so much religion itself but what religion has turned into, the use to which religion is being put…” Wole Soyinka

Black Slavery

The sad thing about this article is that the essence of it is true. The truth hurts. I just hope this sets more Black people in motion towards making REAL progress. Chris Rock, a Black comedian, even joked that Blacks don’t read.

Profiles in courage

When looking back through the mystique of history, we tend to impose super-human status to those who stood up for their beliefs in a revolutionary way. For some of them, the decision to act was a conscious defiance to the status quo. For some others, they were simply in the right place at the wrong time, and found themselves acting on behalf of others lacking the courage to speak out. But we should also remember that they were ordinary human beings, who made a choice!